Medical Imaging Storage and Management Solutions

About Safebridge

Safebridge is a simple, secure, compliant and cost effective management solution for your medical imaging data. Designed to provide you a thin footprint on site, Safebridge delivers an edge node that is capable of providing file, block, object, or DICOM level migrations to your preferred cloud archive.

Safebridge is designed to provide you a simple single platform that allows you to reduce the overhead of managing multiple systems for data replication and disaster recovery.

  • Flexibile management and access to your data through the Safebridge API.
  • Comprehensive security and compliance using the latest security standards as well as compliance with all regulatory bodies.
  • 99.999% availability and durability of your data by default with higher protection using multi region available.
  • Remove the headaches of downtime and migrating to new storage platforms with direct recovery from the Cloud.
  • No need for VPN connectivity between sites. Safebridge edge node provides all communication securely using SSL.

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Services Offered

  • Subscription Monitoring: SafeBridge provides monitoring services of the disaster recovery solution ensuring that your data is backed up to the cloud and always available from anywhere in the world
  • DICOM Gateway: SafeBridge’s DICOM routing gateway provides you on-premises access to your DICOM data using standard communication compatible with any PACS or VNA. Data can be pushed or pulled from a gateway. Additionally, using intelligent routing rules image data can be configured to push automatically to certain hosts when specific events are met.
  • Data Mover: Safebridge data mover is deployed as thin client in the datacenter. Designed with healthcare informatics data in mind, the data mover is architected to accelerate moving healthcare data from on-premise to object storage.
  • AI/ML Pipeline Integration: Allows seamless integration directly into your technology stack. Provide third party AI direct access into your workflow and data repository allowing for advanced analytics and medical imaging analysis.
  • DICOM Data Migration Services: Safely, quickly, and cost efficiently, migrate your entire repository from any PACS vendor to the cloud or another on-premise storage solution. Support for file, block or object storage.

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